December 17, 2018

Bear Creative Company, Graphic Design, Berry Patch Creative, Columbus Ohio

Creating a logo for Rebecca at Berry Patch was such a joy. It started out with Rebecca reaching out about launching a small creative company called "Berry Patch Creative." She went on to say, that goes with bears, no? I knew instantly, I liked her! Who doesn't love a great play on words, berry - beary. 

Where creativity meets refinement.


How did the idea of Berry Patch Creative + Studio begin? 

The idea of Berry Patch Creative + Studio began when I was working full time in an office. I remember telling my husband, "Someday I'm going to be a freelance writer who also teaches music." I felt like I was spinning my wheels for the longest time because I have these skills that can be very lucrative, but I was coasting in an office setting. Creative + Studio are two different entities because I didn't want to confuse people who just needed music services or vice versa. So, I find myself owning two micro businesses! 

How did you come up with the name, Berry Patch? 

I live in Carroll on 2 acres with my husband and animals, and before my husband leaves work for the day, he's always told me, "Have a nice day in the Berry Patch," so it's stuck throughout the years. When I was trying to come up with names for my new agency and music school, it felt like a whimsical fit that matched my company's niche of writing about all things health/wellness/outdoors. 

What is Berry Patch Creative + Studio all about? 

Berry Patch Creative is a highly-focused boutique copywriting agency for all things wellness, health, and the great outdoors. We help small businesses and entrepreneurs with their digital marketing, and we also help scientists and individuals write books and e-books about health, science, and environmentalism. 

Berry Patch Studio is a music school serving Canal Winchester, Carroll, and Pickerington and the surrounding areas. I teach piano, guitar, and voice, and I have a toddler music + movement class in the works, so stay tuned!! 


About Rebecca

Hi! I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer and musician who enjoys staying active outdoors and curing up with a good book . I'm in an all-female folk-rock band called Linden Hollow (check us out on Spotify or iTunes!), and I am also paint animal portraits in my spare time. My husband and I love hiking with our two Australian Shepherds, sailing, and visiting breweries around town. 

writing . editing . strategy.

A highly-focused copywriting agency for all things wellness, health, and the great outdoors.

Don't forget to check out Berry Patch Creative + Studio! Give them a like or a follow. We are all about supporting local businesses and are so excited to share this amazing local business near us. We had a blast learning more about Rebecca and her two businesses as well as creating this super fun and unique logo. 

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